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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Collective Belief

Umoja is the African principle of Collective Unity. Destination Christian Services, Inc. believes that the concept of Umoja can unify the African American people, through the blood of Jesus Christ with the power of the Holy Spirit - One people under God.

Through the principles of Umoja, African Americans can be a “called out body of believers,” confident in knowing there is one God for all kinds of mankind, and that empowerment is not just for a specific religion, ethnicity, background or status.

Through collective unity and purpose, collective knowledge and truth and collective love and praise, we can become one people, one body, under Christ.

Umoja is a way of collective living. The Umoja Community Books published by Destination Publications seek to translate that way of living to the Christian African American Community.

The Umoja Community is committed to life, body and spirit through The Truth, The Way and The Life; Jesus Christ.

DCS, Inc. is committed to you and invites you to accept Christ as your personal Savior and live in collective unity through Him.

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